Sunday Evenings will be relaunching on Sunday 19 September 5:00-6:30pm.

Prayer Supper

Time & Location

5pm-6:30pm at Beech Hill Church.

The Format

The format of a Sunday evening is a little different from a Sunday morning. The evening starts off similar with songs, readings, prayers and a talk from the Bible, though all of this is more condensed than a Sunday morning. Afterwards we share a meal together and then there’s something a bit different each week, either communion or prayer together or looking at an aspect of ministry (see below). Some of these may begin before the meal (such as prayer together).

We don’t want Sunday evenings to just to replicate Sunday mornings, but to devote time to things that may not be as easy to do on a Sunday morning. The Bible talks are also a little different, giving time to more contemporary topics or doing things like looking at whole books of the Bible in one go. 

On the fifth Sunday of the month we’ll do something completely different aimed at people investigating the claims of Christianity. 

The Month

1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday 5th Sunday
Bring & Share Prayer & Pizza Soup, Bread & Wine Toasties & Training Bring a Friend
Food Bring your own Pizza Soup & Bread Toasties Various
‘Extra’ Sharing songs, encouragements, readings etc. Prayer together Communion Ministry Training Various

Children & Toddlers

Different from a Sunday morning there are no children’s groups on a Sunday evening, but there will be toys and activities at the back of the hall to keep little ones occupied. The idea is that the evening is quite fast paced too- so there’s no much time for younger ones to get bored or fractious.

Where to Park

Beech Hill Car Park is right opposite our new building. Parking is free on a Sunday.